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Friday, 24 November 2017

Twitter Interesting Facts

350 000 tweets are sent every minute.

Twitter has around 310 million active monthly users.

One of the early names considered for Twitter was “Friendstalker”.

The FBI has a Twitter slang dictionary.

The @Sweden Twitter account is given to a random citizen on a weekly basis to manage it for the week.

A fake tweet back in 2013 temporarily wiped out $130 billion off the stock market.

One day’s Twitter posts would fill a 10 million page book.

The Library of Congress archives all American tweets.

On a daily basis, the CIA reads up to 5 million tweets per day.

Justin Bieber has more followers on Twitter than the Spain population has people.

Twitter along with Facebook and The New York Times are all blocked in China since 2009.

About 44% of Twitter user that registered have never tweeted.

After Michael Jackson’s death hit the news, he was mentioned in about 5000 tweets every minute.

The bird logo of Twitter is called Larry.

According to the Vatican, you can reduce the time you spend in purgatory by following the pope on Twitter.

Twitter bought Vine for $30 million several months before it was officially released.

About 90% of internet users in the world do not use Twitter.

April 2013, someone hacked Associated Press’s Twitter account and tweeted that 2 bombs exploded at the White House. Within seconds the stock market crashed.

In his last year as President Barack Obama had the most followers on Twitter of any world leader.

Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s president, rewarded his 3 millionth Twitter follower a 19-year-old girl with a new home.

Twitter has enough money in the bank to run for 412 years with current losses.

Donald Trump spent an estimated 18 hours on tweets during his first month in office.

Ellen DeGeneres’ famous Oscar selfie was retweeted 3.3 million times.

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