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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Interesting Facts About Instagram

The upcoming popular social network Instagram has made quite some history in a short amount of time:

Instagram consisted of just 13 employees when Facebook purchased the company for $1 billion.

Pope Francis gained over 1 million users after just 12 hours after he started his account on Instagram.

The first Instagram post was a selfie by Jennifer Lee in 2011.

There is a service on Instagram called Phrostie that delivers alcohol beverages anonymously to anyone in the New York City area within 3 hours.

Iggy Pop has an Instagram account for his pet Biggy Pop.

A single post of Kendall Jenner on Instagram is currently valued between $100 000 and $300 000 for a single post.

Cyber Security firms state that they have been using social media evidence to nail fraud and assets in over 70 percent of their cases.

A famous artist is selling other people’s Instagram pics for a large sum of money using the hashtag #regram.

62% of users following social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are female users.

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