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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Strange and Interesting Laws in Countries and Cities around the World

Vicks inhalers are forbidden in Japan.

You can not eat on church steps or in the courtyard in Italy.

Feeding pigeons on the streets of San Francisco are illegal.

In Khazakstan, taking photos in and around the airport is illegal.

Public affection is illegal in the United Arab Emirates. There were tourists thrown in jail for kissing in public.

Denmark has a child naming guideline that you have to follow when giving your baby a name.

Running out of petrol in Germany can result in a fine.

Police in Greece is allowed to arrest anyone suspected of having HIV.

The Philippines and The Vatican are the only two states in the world where divorces are illegal.

It is illegal to step on money in Thailand.

It is illegal in Iowa for a man with a mustache to kiss a woman in public.

A wife needs the husband's permission to wear false teeth, in Vermont.

You can marry your cousin in Utah, but both parties should be over the age of 65.

You can not marry the same man more than three times in Kentucky.

A man who is in debt in India can offer up his wife until his debt is paid.

It is illegal to carry a plank along a pavement in Britain.

In Hong Kong, if a woman catches her man cheating she is allowed to kill him but only with her bare hands.

You can not honk your horn in New York as you can face a 350 dollars fine.

In Samoa, it is illegal to forget your wife’s birthday.

It is illegal to be drunk in a bar in Britain.

Children 15 years or older can be sent to jail for cheating on their final exams in Bangladesh.

Dog owners in Turin, Italy must take their dogs for a walk at least three times per day.

It is illegal to sing aloud after sunset in Hawaii.

You can not change a light bulb in Victoria Australia as only a licensed electrician can legally do it.

It is illegal to flush a toilet after 10 pm in Switzerland.

In France, it is illegal to name a pig after Napoleon or any public figure.

In Russia, Vladimir Putin made it illegal to tell children that gay people exist.

It is illegal to collect rainwater in Colorado.

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