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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Raspberry Pi Interesting Facts

The Raspberry Pi made its debut in 2012 and can be described as a low-cost tiny computer systems board. There are a lot of DIY projects circulating all over the world wide web using a Raspberry Pi computer systems board. It has many functions and can also be used for testing and education purposes too and much more advanced projects. Here are a few facts about the Raspberryerri Pi.

There were over 100 000 Raspberry Pi system boards sold on its first day of launch and almost 3 million units sold worldwide to date.

Initially, Raspberry Pi boards were manufactured in China and Taiwan but today’s models being sold are manufactured in the United Kingdom.

The system board is overclockable by running the raspi-config tool or by editing the boot time parameters.

Raspberry Pi does not come with a Mpeg-2 decoder but can be added for an increased price of about ten percent.

The system board runs on an ARM6 processor and therefore you can not run windows 8 or Ubuntu Linux as it requires ARM7 processing power. The newer Raspberry Pi 3 model runs on an ARM 8 processor.

The name Raspberry Pi originates from the fruit-based naming traditions in the old days for microcomputers.

A computational software, Mathematica, for the Raspberry Pi comes free with your bundled purchase.

Kano is the biggest Raspberry Pi Kickstarter project. The purpose of the project is to deliver a computer coding kit to help individuals of all ages build a computer themselves.

According to statistics, the UK is the country where Raspberry Pi’s are most popular.


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