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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Suits TV Show Top Facts

In need of an associate, big-time Manhattan corporate lawyer Harvey Specter hires the only guy who impresses him -- college dropout Mike Ross. The fact that Ross isn't actually a lawyer isn't lost on Specter, who believes his new right-hand man is a legal prodigy with the book smarts of a Harvard law grad and the street smarts of a hustler. However, in order to keep their jobs, the charade must remain strictly between these two unconventional thinkers. Here are some interesting facts about Suits the television series:

Almost all of Rachel Zane’s photography in her office comes from Mike Ross so when he is not acting he is a photographer.

Louis Litt might love cats on screen but behind the scenes, he is allergic to them.

Harvey (Gabriel Macht) has many lawyer family members in real life.

The title for suits was originally Legal Minds.

Suits are set in New York but are actually filmed in Toronto.

In real Life, Professor Gerard is Harvey's father and Zoe Lawford is his wife while Claire Bowden is Mike’s wife.

Both Rachel and Scottie were born on the 4th of August 1981.

Specter is an anagram for the word “Respect”.

Jeff Malone and Jessica Pearson co-starred in the series 24.

Both Claire Bowden and Jenny Griffith stars in the series Pretty Little Liars which is probably mike’s favorite series after suits of course.

In real life, Harvard Law does not have an ‘ order of the coif'.

Rachel Zane’s first name is actually Rachel in real life.

Harvey’s office has a lot of furniture but one thing it does not have is drawers.

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