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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Steve Jobs Founder of Apple Top Facts

Steve Jobs is one of the founders of the company Apple along with Steve Wozniak.

Jobs was adopted just after he was born.

Steve was biologically, half Arab. His biological father was Syrian and his mother was American.

Jobs and Steve Wozniak met in high school while Wozniak was 18 and Jobs 13 years old.

Steve Jobs was a pescetarian, meaning he ate no meat except for fish.

Steve was an official college dropout but continued his education by informally auditing classes.

While Steve unofficially attended classes he struggled to get by. He slept on one of his friend’s dorm room floor, survived off free meals and returned coke bottles for money.

Steve jobs had a low GPA of just 2.65. He admitted that he didn’t like school and preferred to learn in unconventional ways.

Jobs was pushed out of his own company in 1985 but eventually rejoined the company and revitalized the failing company.

Steve Jobs had an illegitimate child(Lisa Brennan) whose paternity he denied for years but eventually accepted her into his life. She later changed her surname to Lisa Brennan-Jobs.

Jobs named one of the new Apple computers after his daughter Lisa.

While at Apple Steve Jobs always kept his annual salary at 1$.

The movie Anywhere But Here is a book that was written by Steve Jobs’ sister Mona Simpson.

The co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak noted that Steve Jobs never learned to code.

Steve Jobs was invited once by Bill Clinton to spend the night sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom of the White House.

Apple has been ranked no1 on Fortune’s list of America’s most admired companies.

Steve Jobs originally served as a mentor for the founders of Google, Sergey Brin, and Larry Page.

Tim Cook revealed in 2014 that Steve Job’s main office and nameplate are still as they were in 2011 when he passed away.

October 16, 2011, was declared as Steve Jobs Day by the governor of California, Jerry Brown.

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